Invertabee 25Kg Bee Food

Invertabee 25Kg Bee Food

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Invertabee 25 Kg 

Invertabee Is A Syrup Of Extremely High Purity. It Is Made Up Exclusively Of Sucrose and its Building Blocks, Fructose And Glucose. For That Reason Invertabee Contains No Forms Of Sugar That Strain The Digestive Tract. The High Proportion Of Fructose Means That The Product Shows Little Tendency To Granulate In The Honeycombs, Even At Low Temperatures And So Prevents Starvation Of The Bees.

 Advantages At A Glance

Ready To Use, No Need To Add Water High Fructose Level,

Long Shelf Life

Because It Is Inverted Sugar, There Is Less Work For The Bees To Do To Store It Ready For Use.

Remains Clear In The Combs For Much Longer, So Prevents The Bees From Starving.

Special Suitability

 Spring Stimulation, Nectar Gaps, Winter Feeding and Nuc Rearing


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