Premium Quality Beekeeping Gloves - Yellow Leather (Select Required size)

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Leather Beekeeping Gloves 

Made from strong yellow leather with a full  thick and long cotton gauntlet for good forearm protection

Please Select Required Size

Measure around your knuckles (at base of fingers) and this will give you your size -

XXXXS = 6"or 15 cm (40 cm long end to end)

XXXS = 6.5"or 16cm (40 cm long end to end)

XXS= 7"or 17 cm (45cm long end to end) 

XS= 7.5"or 19 cm (45cm long end to end)

S = 8'' or 20cm     (53 cm long end to end)

  M = 8.5'' or 22cm   (55 cm long end to end)   

L= 9'' or 23cm    (57 cm long end to end) 

XL = 10'' or 25cm (58 cm long end to end) 

XXL= 10.5''or 27cm (60 cm Long end to end)                 


 XXXL= 11''or 29cm (60 cm Long end to end)  


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