1l Top Bar Feeder

1l Top Bar Feeder

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1l Top Bar Feeder

Made in the UK from 9mm exterior ply and 35mm wide softwood as standard.

Fits our Top Bar Hives - as well as most others.

Helps the beekeeper to feed the colony without the need for an eke/deep roof. The water tight vessel allows dissolved sugar to be fed to the bees directly inside the hive.

1 litre capacity.

Sealed with PVA glue and tested for leaks prior to dispatch.

Use only with completely cooled syrup/fondant. Avoid squashing or dropping which may damage the seal leading to a leak. A handy hint in such a case to fix your leak is to melt a couple of ounces of bees wax. Then pour the molten wax into your feeder and wash it up and down the sides and bottom corners in your feeder.

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